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Japanese building design is always interesting to be explored more since in each design there would be a deep value there. In the previous articles, we have learn a lot about many kinds of Japanese garden design that would make your home exterior part would be great. Then, what about exploring  Japanese Traditional House? This would be really interesting since we would know a little bit about the history of this Japanese home design. Don’t you know that actually in the Japanese traditional home design, it’s actually does not have a certain design for each rooms in the usual home design, such as dining room, living room, family room, and others because those rooms design could be functioned as those room. is it possible? of course yes, because the furniture is portable and it is stored in oshiire, a small section of the house (large closets) used for storage. In the Japanese home design, living room is called as “ima” means that it is living space and as being said before this could be used for some kinds of room design.

japan traditional housejapan traditional house

In the current picture, you could see there the  Japanese Traditional House that really looks great with its appearance from the outside. Yes, you have known that traditional Japanese home would be dominated with wooden material there, even this material also being used in some of more modern design of Japanese home design. Beside that having some plants and outside home with having some small garden design would always  being great from this traditional home.

Japanese Home Design with GardenJapanese Home Design with Garden

Then, as you could see in the current picture that the Japanese home design is always having wooden part that would make the home looks so classical there. Beside that, when you look outside of home, you would see some kinds of green plants and pond there. what a great look!. As being explained in the previous articles that having the Japanese home design would not be completed yet when it still has not the garden design.

  Japanese Interior DesignJapanese Interior Design

Now, let’s move to interior design of Japanese design. As you could see there that the home interior design looks great. With some interior accessories, you could see the classical big wallpaper would bring the value of Japanese culture looks closer there. Beside that, the hanging decoration that has Japanese character there also add the beautiful side of the room design.  So, those are some  Japanese Traditional House designs that would be great if you have it. So, what do you think about it?

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 Japanese Traditional House: japan traditional house
 Japanese Traditional House: Japanese Home Design with Garden
 Japanese Traditional House: Japanese Interior Design

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