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Home improvement activities could have a direct impact on nature and one of them is caring for the home garden. However, sometimes it is difficult to start. When you have boredom that makes you have to change the design of your home design, you could start it by having the Japanese Garden. This is one style of popular parks in the world. In addition to unique offers new challenges for lovers of natural shades on occupancy. Here’s a brief review of basic concepts and practices related to the Japanese Garden Design.

Japanese Garden Design 3DJapanese Garden Design

The Japanese garden is designed in two concepts, those are naturalism and symbolism. Naturalism in question is the concept of understanding the context in the park featuring natural though it is not always natural. The element of the garden should be generated from nature but with certain settings. In other words, if you have a pond in the garden, it does not mean that you have the whole coated stone. However, forming a pool can be done by making as if no geometric lines. Use different types and sizes of stone to form a pool. In addition, you can also add a waterfall but not the fountain. While the meaning of the symbolism in the Japanese garden is a tricky concept makes a great landscape for small scale. For example, the pool representing lakes, ditches like rivers, rocks representing mountains and so on. One idea is to try to create a Japanese garden of the actual landscape. You can pick up the pattern of the landscape you’ve ever seen while on holiday or honeymoon. Then try to imitate the landscape to landscape the garden behind the house.

Symbolism Japanese Garden DesignSymbolism Japanese Garden Design

Naturalism Japanese Garden DesignNaturalism Japanese Garden Design

There are some some basic elements of Japanese Garden Design, including water, stone, plant, fence, lantern, and bridge. Those elements has its own meanings in the Japanese Garden design.  Aside from being a source of life, water is used to purify the body from the profane world before entering a sacred area. The water flowed from the river to create a pond and waterfall. Then, for the stone is the most important element in the garden because it can be used to represent mountains, coastlines, and waterfalls. In the park with islands and island turtle crane in the middle of the pond, the stones are laid to give the impression of a head and a tail.

Stone element in the Japanese Garden DesignStone element in the Japanese Garden Design

Another element is that plant, plant has its own meaning fro presenting the mountain or hill. There are some limitations to the application of a Japanese garden, such as the selection of plants. Basically, the Japanese garden is a garden that can be enjoyed throughout the year traditionally. Some oriental plant is appropriate for the Japanese garden. Plants such as bamboo, banyan are a popular choice for the Japanese garden. You can also add moss instead of grass; remember not to use the Japanese garden lawn. And remember; do not use too many plants. We recommend using limited plants that are easier to navigate.

Plant Element in Japanese Garden DesignPlant Element in Japanese Garden Design

Fences are largely consisted of a living fence (ikigaki) from the trimmed shrubs and a fence made ​​of wood or bamboo. Then, for the lanterns (toro) derived from traditional Chinese lanterns to donate to Buddhist temple. Since the Heian period, the lantern is also donated to a Shinto shrine for lighting at night and as a garnish.

Lantern element in Japanese garden DesignLantern element in Japanese garden Design

In the Japanese garden design with water as the main subject, the bridge is the basic elements that add harmony in the landscape. The bridge also serves as a liaison sections are separated by a water park. The Japanese rock garden, stone bridge was built to give the impression that under the bridge there is “water” flowing.

Bridge Element in Japanese Garden DesignBridge Element in Japanese Garden Design

By knowing about Japanese Garden Design, actually we could know and enjoy about the beautiful side of the garden. Beside that, the most important thing is that each part or element in the Japanese garden design has its own value and meaning that representing the Japanese culture.

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